Wellness Program

All inclusive program to restore health from the foundations up

Included in Wellness Programs


Functional Health Reports

To show your unique deficiencies & excess, according to “optimal” ranges, so that we can work together to bring your organ systems into ideal wellness again. 

Mineral & vitamin deficiency analysis 

Give the organ & metabolic systems what they need to function at their best.

Health services

Acupuncture, guasha, cupping, clinical massage, infrared sauna included where indicated.

4 page patient plan including...

Health goals & strategies and actions to achieve goals; herb & supplement regimes, diet & lifestyle guidance.

Integrating western diagnostics with traditional Chinese medicine

Combining modern laboratory diagnostics (blood work, hormone testing, comprehensive food inflammation testing & urinalysis) with Traditional Chinese Medicine, we develop personalized restorative wellness plans. Unlike other functional medicine practitioners, we are also licensed herbalists with an in-house pharmacy of 100s of plant medicines that can be customized to meet your specific health goals.

Treatment Phases

Phase One

Intensive — 1 visit/week, begin acupuncture, herbal formulas and supplements, for focused & quick improvement.

Phase Two

Reassess—adjust patient plan and address
lingering issues.

Phase Three

Maintenance—retest select blood markers & adjust patient plan as needed for self-management of future long-term wellness.

How it works...

  • 1 Make your first appointment—complete your health history & discuss with one of our practitioners. TCM diagnostics are taken and acupuncture treatment is given (plans without acupuncture are also available)
  • 2 Lab testing—request blood work (or upload existing blood work) and administer food inflammation test, can be done at the first or second appointment.
  • 3 Plan—results are received about 2 weeks later, results are interpreted and Investigated, herbal formulas are designed and the patient plan is written
  • 4 Start wellness program—follow the plan with regular meetings and acupuncture with your practitioner

Continuing Care

Discounted Services For Life

Any patient having gone through a wellness program will maintain a discount for all services.

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